Worries about employees keeping you up at night?

Get more sleep by partnering with an employer of record (EOR). An EOR employs
workers on your behalf for your company, ensuring compliance according to the local
laws and labor regulations. EORs like SCS can also handle all HR services, including
recruiting, payroll and benefits management.

When you partner with an EOR, you are outsourcing important financial, insurance,
administrative, personnel, and tax-related tasks to us so that you can focus your energy
and resources on reaching your business goals.

Your company directs these employees in their day-to-day activities. At the same time,
your EOR enables you to scale your workforce quickly if the situation calls for it while
maintaining maximum agility.

Let’s take a look a high-level look at the core tasks handled by an EOR

1. Compliance

Workplace litigation, individual or class action lawsuits are at the top of the list of worries
that keep business leaders up at night. Whether it’s properly classifying employees or
complying with the Fair Labor Standards Acts (FLSA) and related state laws, we help
you avoid expensive penalties and litigation

2. Payroll

You have the responsibility to pay your employees and contractors every week
regardless of when or whether or not you receive prompt payments from your clients.
EORs administer all payroll-related tasks, including ensuring the completion of
timesheets, timesheet approvals, and processing payments to the worker. Most EOR
engagements also include payroll funding which provides money to cover wages while
you and your EOR await payment from your client.

3. Tax Burden

We deduct the necessary taxes and insurance fees from workers’ paychecks.
Employment taxes and payments to the government are very complicated. Your EOR
ensures that the burden is accurately deducted from each paycheck and paid to the
state and insurance companies as needed.

4. Personnel

We handle employee relations from initial hiring, background checks, performance
evaluations, surveys, onboarding, and more. We optimize their employee experience
while ensuring that they also comply with your workplace policies and procedures and
the state labor laws

5. Administration

Although the paperwork is now digital, we cover the routine work involving
documentation, direct deposit, health benefits, forms, records, letters, reports, emails.
When you partner with an EOR, like SCS, you free up significant resources and
outsource major business risks so that you can better protect your interests.