Risk Management

By partnering with an Employer of Record, the burden of risk management is taken over by trained professionals with comprehensive coverage options. Moreover, through training and consultation, your workplace becomes a safer workplace.

As an Employer of Record, your company’s risk becomes our risk. Thus, a precise focus on risk management is always a priority. From providing comprehensive coverage to offering safety training and consultations, we safeguard your company.

Strategic Contracting Services ensures the protection of and lowers the risk to your company so you can do what you do best: the business of your business.

In this section, please find the following essential information:

  1. General Liability Insurance
    How an Employer of Record provides comprehensive general liability insurance.
  2. Employment Practices Liability Insurance
    How an Employer of Record protects partner companies with EPLI coverage.
  3. Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage
    How the employees of partner companies have comprehensive Worker’s Comp.
  4. Workplace Safety Consultation and Safety Training
    How the workplace is kept safe through training and safety consultation.
  5. Automobile Insurance Coverage and Liability
    How company cars and employee vehicles are covered under our policy.

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