Client Testimonials

Hawaii HIDTA

Executive Director

“Our decision to go with Strategic Contracting Services was based on recommendation and my own research. The directors and deputy directors that used SCS gave them a thumbs up and a 5-star approval. There were a lot of companies that said we can do that, and we can do this but ultimately SCS had the payroll funding to be able to support us.

SCS provides payroll services, an employee packet and a health insurance packet. They coordinated relationships with HMSA so our employees could continue their benefits. The payroll system has been flawless. I’m looking forward to when we get audited again because we have everything we need in the system.

I have 42 years in the criminal justice county and based on my experience as a former chief, I can’t give enough credit, again, to Strategic Contracting. They are an outstanding organization and I would highly recommend them to any HIDTA or any private sector or government sector agency or program. They do a tremendous service for us. It is like having an office right next door. They are personable, professional and we couldn’t ask for anything more. We are a grateful client. “


Administrative Supervisor

“The benefits of working with SCS is their knowledge, especially on HR and payroll processes, which alleviates LA IMAPCT’S time from worrying about it. The payroll process and benefits administration has become pretty seamless with Paycom. The less time we need to put into that makes it more valuable for us.

SCS is efficient, knowledgeable and professional. Employees are benefiting from their payroll being processed accurately every two weeks and getting medical, dental, vision and other benefit offerings which are bonuses. The employee fringe benefit package is a big deal for the employees as well as having confidence and rebuilding the confidence of their accruals. The system is reliable and valid.”


Senior Financial Officer

“Some of the benefits of working with SCS throughout the years has been that the staff is great and is always there for us with any questions we may have. They are reliable and dependable regarding all matters related to our organization’s need. Additionally, we have been able to develop a great relationship with each staff member (ex. payroll, human resources, billing) as well as a whole.

SCS provides us with various beneficial services to our organization. Some of the biggest services they continue to provide us over the years consist of human resources, payroll, employee benefits, keeping us up to date with any changes in labor laws and, most recently, working through COVID-19. In everything done by SCS, they are very mindful and provide us with services to best meet our needs.

The benefits offered by SCS are very competitive and offer various plans for our employees to choose from. Our employees like the portal used by SCS due to it being very user friendly and easily accessible. They are not only able to punch in their time, but can access their pay stubs, benefit information, personal documents, and accruals. Employees are very comfortable with directly reaching out with any questions they may have. SCS is very quick in their responses and will always go the extra mile with following up with our employees to ensure all their questions have been answered or concerns have been met.”


Executive Director

Our decision to work with SCS came out of the need to put an HR function in place to meet the needs we had for managing payroll, tax compliance, benefits, workers compensation and various other employment related liabilities for our newly formed nonprofit.
Utilizing their service has meant that we don’t have to hire additional admin personnel or purchase an HR system to ensure our HR management and administration is handled. SCS’s system allows immediate access to information online 24x7 so we have immediate access to reports and data.
With SCS we are provided with the peace of mind and resources we need at a substantial savings.”

Company B

“We decided to work with SCS because of the HR expertise and administrative relief they were able to bring to our organization.

We needed a one stop shop where health benefits, 401K, payroll, workers compensation, and employment related liability insurance were all available through one source.

While we researched several service providers, the solution SCS provided was flexible enough to meet the specific needs of our organization.”