Employee Support

For Strategic Contracting Services (SCS), employee support means managing employee relations on an administrative level from initial recruitment to ongoing compliance. Focused on the bottom line, many business owners look past the continuing need to manage and optimize employee relations.

However, by teaming up with SCS as an Employer of Record, your company gains experienced vision and insight. We have the foresight to manage employee relations with precision and expertise.

From new hire onboarding to ongoing employee relations, we capably manage administrative issues, including the challenges related to human resources. Moreover, we keep your company in compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations with a cost-effective approach.

In this section, please find the following essential information:

  1. Recruitment & Screening
    Learn more about Strategic Contracting Services employee recruitment and screening.
  2. New Hire On-boarding
    Learn how an Employer of Record manages the on-boarding of a new employee.
  3. Employee Relations
    Learn how an Employer of Record manages and optimizes employee relations.
  4. Administrative & FLSA Compliance
    Learn how SCS protects a company by ensuring FLSA compliance and administration.

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