Employer of Record

As a third party local entity, an Employer of Record takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks on behalf of their client companies. Thus, an Employer of Record becomes the employer of a company’s workers, undertaking all employment responsibilities. We handle the financial nuts & bolts of workforce management.

Acting as an intermediary in an existing employee-employer relationship, Strategic Contracting Services (SCS) carries out payroll processing, payroll tax management, general liability insurance, benefits administration, and more.

As an Employer of Record, SCS tailors our service offerings to our specific clients. After all, not every small to mid-sized company needs the same level of support and protection. Although SCS is the registered employer for the worker, we do not take on a supervisory or management role in regard to the actual work.

Indeed, your company maintains a substantive work relationship. You make all decisions on compensation, position duties, projects, and employment decisions. Ultimately, an Employer of Record’s goal is to make your company more secure and more efficient. We help foster the smooth sailing for your company succeed.

Thus, we improve your management and team defenses so you can go into battle in a challenging business environment and continue to thrive. On the roller coaster ride that is the 21st Century, Strategic Contracting Services, helps your company survive & thrive.

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  1. What Is An Employer Of Record?
    Learn more about Strategic Contracting Services as an Employer of Record.
  2. Our Team
    Learn more about the Employer of Record Team at Strategic Contracting Services.
  3. Client Testimonials
    Learn why working with an Employer of Record is the best option for your company.

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