What is an Employer of Record?

Partnering with your company, an Employer of Record works with top executives and managers to improve functionality and reduce bureaucratic stress. Hence, an Employer of Record is a smart business relationship that allows you to optimize your company’s resources. We help raise your bottom line.

By managing the human resources needs of employees and being their Employer of Record, we help our client companies overcome the challenges of the 21st century.

The Goal of an Employer of Record

Our goal is to provide services that ensure your company’s security and success. By maintaining employee stability, we sweep away distractions, fostering a positive environment where you can realize your company’s long-term potential. We help you do what you do best.

Indeed, we take on the burden and give you the freedom to succeed.

With a nationwide solution, an Employer of Record like Strategic Contracting Services becomes wholly responsible for an array of administrative functions and compliance services.

Services and Functions of an Employer of Record

An Employer of Record’s essential administrative services and compliance functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Payroll Processing and Management
  2. State and Federal Regulatory Compliance
  3. Payroll Tax Withholding and Filing
  4. Independent Contractor, Remote Employee and Contingent Workforce Management
  5. Benefits Administration + Flexible Spending Accounts
  6. Employment Screenings, Onboarding, and Mandated Trainings
  7. Employment Practices Liability Insurance & Employee Handbooks

Allowing an Employer of Record to oversee HR duties, personnel management, benefits and payroll administration can save both time and money.

Protecting Your Company Moving Forward

More substantially, an Employer of Record is a shield that protects your company. Not knowing what’s coming around the next corner, an Employer of Record makes sure the i’s are dotted, and the t’s are crossed. We provide another level of business security.

In the 21st century, an Employer of Record allows a company to overcome the regulatory hurdles and added costs of employing workers in remote locations. Moreover, we safely manage temporary employees, contingent workers and independent contractors.

In today’s complex economy, every state has its own employment, payroll and work permit requirements for non-resident companies doing business. By teaming with an Employer of Record, a company does not have to worry about these regulatory hurdles.

Moreover, the high costs of working in multiple states with a variety of employment designations is reduced. By having an Employer of Record protect your company, you remove liability while saving both money and time.

Employer of Record and the Opportunities of Tomorrow

In the modern world, optimization is a word that we hear time and again. Working with an Employer of Record allows you to optimize your business because we take on the many burdens that can distract you from achieving growth and success.

As a business owner with a vision for the future, you obtain real freedom. Once again, you can focus on the business of your business.

Indeed, the difficulties of today become the opportunities of tomorrow.

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