Recruitment & Screening

An Employer of Record provides HR support services, including the recruitment and screening of potential new hires. The executive team at Strategic Contracting Services possesses years of recruitment and screening experience and will make your company's success and safety a top priority.

At the same time, we vet the top candidates for a position, doing our best to make sure that the candidate is a perfect fit for your company. This includes screening your candidates with background checks and drug screenings.

By teaming with an Employer of Record, you access the benefits of a staffing agency and so much more for a lower cost. We also screen, classify and manage independent contractors to ensure we are meeting compliance standards.

Modern Tools for Recruitment and Screening

In today’s high-tech world, a comprehensive employment application with an online applicant tracking system is crucial to recruitment success. Our online tools also include resume management and reference checking. Such tools help an employer to identify eligible candidates and keep them in order.

As a general rule, state and federal equal opportunity laws prohibit pre-employment inquiries that screen out members based on protected status. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the majority of the state agencies demand that information obtained through pre-employment inquiries is focused solely on determining qualifications. In the hiring process, business owners need to ignore criteria based on non-job-related factors. It can be challenging without guidance.

Moreover, recruitment and screening is not done in a vacuum. Thus, the selection process of hiring decisions needs to be documented. SCS provides the tools required for this documentation. Following EEOC guidelines, such documentation focuses solely on a candidate's qualifications for a specific job.

By properly designing and implementing employment screening programs for our client companies, SCS reduces future risk while improving hiring results. An online application as part of the hiring process can include behavioral assessment tools that improve the screening of new hires.

If certain questions cannot be asked, the goal is to find answers with a different approach. Ultimately, we want your company to be protected from potential bad hires.

The Modern Risks of Hiring a New Employee

The risks of a bad hire are significant.  It doesn’t make sense for business owners to rely on gut instinct.

For small to mid-size businesses where every new hire is significant, employment screening promotes a safer work environment. Such an approach to recruitment and screening leads to a higher quality candidate pool by deterring questionable candidates. Moreover, drug testing fosters a drug free workplace, reducing the negative impact of employee substance abuse.

After all, are you aware of the following facts about new hires:

  • More than 40% of new hire resumes contain inaccuracies or lies
  • 30% of IT sabotage is executed by employees with criminal records
  • Over two thirds of negligent hiring lawsuits are lost by employers

As an Employer of Record, SCS ensures a low probability of such business nightmares happening. We do the work to remove the risk. At the same time, we also take on the liability and the legal risk as an Employer of Record. Thus, we protect your company while also protecting ourselves. Indeed, we become invested in each new hire outcome.

Recruitment and Screening = Success and Protection

SCS manages the recruitment and screening process with the precision and expertise needed to fill your vacancies with the best employees in the industry.

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