Payroll Processing & Administration

Payroll processing and administration is a time-consuming challenge for businesses large and small. Strategic Contracting Services offers simple and cohesive payroll processing solutions for your company.

Beyond saving time, we provide business owners with peace-of-mind, even in the uncertainty of today’s world. Whatever challenges a company faces, Strategic Contracting Services ensures quality payroll processing as an Employer of Record.

Payroll Processing and Administration Services

Strategic Contracting Services has long-term relationships with the best payroll processing service providers in the country. We are the front line when it comes to payroll and employee relations, handling any back and forth while making sure your payroll is properly managed.

Business owners that work with SCS as an Employer of Record no longer have to worry about payroll processing. We handle all your payroll needs, reducing unneeded distractions, removing administrative headaches and allowing you to use the extra time and capital to do what you do best: Focus on your business.

SCS Payroll Processing Services

The payroll processing services of SCS include:

  1. Convenient Payroll Processing
    You can enter the payroll details for your employees online through our user-friendly software applications or these entries can be done for you at the end of each pay period. From direct deposits and checks to automatic deductions and PTO tracking, Strategic Contracting Services handles every specific requirement.
  2. Store and Manage Necessary Documentation and Paperwork
    In the digital age, SCS stores all necessary documentation electronically. Our client companies never have to worry about storing or retrieving paperwork. Beyond easy access, we make sure to store paperwork for required federal and state periods. Offering a nationwide solution, SCS offers expertise wherever you do business.
  3. Integrated Timekeeping System and Precision Clocks
    SCS eliminates the potential for the double entry of time. Our payroll processing software integrates with the timekeeping system, offering precise and accurate timekeeping.
  4. Quarterly and Annual Reports
    Strategic Contracting Services processes and files all quarterly and annual payroll tax reports and fulfills all federal, state and local tax reporting and filing requirements.
  5. Payroll Processing of Benefits Administration & More
    The team at SCS manages all the necessary employee deductions, ranging from benefits administration to wage garnishments. Our services are accurate and precise.
  6. Processing of W2 plus 1094-C and 1095-C Reports
    At the end of the year, Strategic Contracting Services processes and delivers necessary tax filings and reports, including W2s plus 1094-C and 1095-C reports.

For more information regarding the importance of payroll taxes and the assumption of liability by an Employer of Record, please see this separate section.

Payroll Processing Is Only The Beginning

Beyond your basic payroll service offerings, SCS offers much more than the very best in payroll processing and management services. Indeed, as an Employer of Record, we provide our client companies with a powerful array of HR and management services that compliment payroll administration.

From human resources and employee relations to risk management and benefits administration, we offer a bevy of services tailored to the needs of our client companies.

At the heart of those service offerings, an Employer of Record takes on the full weight and liability of payroll processing and administration, freeing employers from unnecessary worry and stress. After all, what you do best is work on your business as opposed to wasting effort on the bureaucratic details of your company.

We give you and your business the freedom to thrive.

If you're interested in our services use our Get Started Today page to arrange a consultation.