Employee Relations

As an Employer of Record, Strategic Contracting Services partners with client companies to help reduce employee turnover and optimize the employment experience. We have a history of successfully improving employee relations.

From initial hiring and background checks to performance evaluations and related HR training, SCS helps your employees function more efficiently, avoiding waste and increasing your bottom line.

However, if issues do arise like they do, every now and then, Strategic Contracting Services handles discipline and terminations as well.

Optimizing Employee Relations for Your Company

Employee relations refers to a company’s efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship with its employees. The maintenance of a constructive employment atmosphere fosters loyal employees that are more more engaged in their work.

As an Employer of Record, Strategic Management Services helps to prevent and resolve any issues or challenges between employees and management. A goal of the entire SCS team is removing the bureaucratic barriers that prevent employees from doing their best work. Optimizing employee relations helps any company’s bottom line.

An Employer of Record helps to optimize employee relations at a client company is by instituting an employee handbook that is clear and precise. SCS creates and enforces a framework of policies and procedures that are consistent and fair for all employees.

The U.S. Department of Labor provides specific guidelines for labor relations . Thus we focus on instituting employee handbooks that are fair and consistent for the entire workplace. At the same time, these employee handbooks adhere to necessary Federal and State regulatory guidelines.

Online Resources for Employee-Employer Communications

At Strategic Contracting Services, we offer a wealth of online resources to help improve employee relations. From surveys about job satisfaction and performance reviews to employee handbooks and online training courses, managers at our client companies have access to an array of tools to apply to their employees.

Moreover, we provide access to our third party insurance and benefits providers to help employees and employers manage external requirements.

From leave administration to talent acquisition, an employer of record manages the full array of HR resources. Since we are in communication with your employees about a host of issues that range from benefits administration to training sessions, we gain insight to help your executive team. We are the competitive edge within your business.

Employee Relations = A Positive Feedback Loop

By partnering with SCS, you generate a positive feedback loop that helps optimize your company’s employee relations. After all, by knowing what is happening from a third party perspective, you gain insight into your employees, leading directly to a company culture of prevention as opposed to treatment and damage control.

When it comes to employee relations, prevention and optimization open the doors to success and smooth sailing, even in the roughest of waters.

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