Workplace Safety Consultation & Safety Consultation/Training

When it comes to protecting the employees of a company and the overall business, both workplace safety consultation and safety training are crucial. The essence of workplace safety consultation is making sure a company complies with Federal and state laws and regulations. From a Federal perspective, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a division of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), is responsible for issuing and enforcing laws and regulations concerning a safe workplace.

After all, a safe workplace is a necessity to guarantee a strong and successful business. Without the base guarantee of employee safety, there is no way to ensure a company's future success.

An Employer of Record Provides Workplace Safety Consultation

As an Employer of Record, Strategic Contracting Services (SCS) takes on co-responsibility with company management for employee safety and training. By staying on top of updates of OSHA laws and regulations, SCS helps our client companies remain in compliance. Such compliance is not a choice but an absolute necessity.

In the OSHA section of the DOL website, it clearly states that, “Employers must comply with all applicable OSHA standards. They must also comply with the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act, which requires employers to keep their workplace free of serious recognized hazards.” Given these requirements, employers cannot roll the dice when it comes to OSHA safety standards. Instead, by partnering with SCS, employers remove the question mark of whether they are in compliance.

Indeed, the shaky question mark becomes a confident period. There is no need for an exclamation point. Workplace safety consultation is quiet and poised, focusing on details and accomplishing specific goals. Rather than beating drums and raising alarms, SCS avoids the crisis perspective, focusing instead on effective prevention, valuable training, and easily accessible informational resources.

Safety Training Under the Umbrella of Strategic Contracting Services

Beyond workplace safety consultation, SCS takes the employees of our client companies under the umbrella of safety training. By following the guidelines set by OSHA, SCS offers a wide variety of general safety training courses as well as safety training specific to certain industries. From personal protective equipment and hazard communication to process safety management and emergency action plans, such preparations protect a business while bolstering employee confidence.

Once employees finish training sessions, all records of those employee sessions are retained for the duration of employment. Although OSHA only requires the records to be kept for three years, SCS believes there is no reason not to ensure future security by keeping such records indefinitely if possible. Indeed, records of each individual's training regimen should be kept throughout their time as an employee of the company.

From workplace safety consultation to safety training, Strategic Contracting Services raises the confidence of both client companies and their employees. As the owner of a business, worries about workplace safety and whether or not your company is in compliance drains time and energy. SCS removes that fear.

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