General Liability Insurance

As a company’s Employer of Record, Strategic Contracting Services (SCS) is responsible for providing general liability insurance. As opposed to most professional employment organizations, an Employer of Record (EOR) covers both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

SCS makes sure a company’s employees are covered for damages, such as those caused to property, both company and personal, or other people. When you partner with an EOR, you no longer need to worry about liability because we have your back.

Understanding General Liability Insurance

The goal of sufficient insurance coverage is prevention, security, and resolution. Thus, the general liability insurance programs provided by SCS covers the bases for employees employed by SCS:

  1. We offer a certificate of liability insurance to clients.
  2. We guarantee that your business is covered in a multitude of scenarios.
  3. We cover the cost of damage to property caused by an employee
  4. We handle unpreventable accidents that occur in the workplace
  5. We cover the cost of investigating and administrating claims.
  6. We provide business owners with the peace of mind needed to succeed.

Why worry about the nature of your company’s insurance coverage? Given everything that has happened in recent times, comprehensive GLIC is more important than ever before. Moreover, a company needs an experienced team to handle the administration.

By taking the responsibility of general liability insurance on our shoulders, Strategic Contracting Services frees you to do what you do best — the business of your business.

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