Remote Onboarding Means Effective Pre-Boarding Of New Employees

Remote onboarding is the best approach for bringing someone onboard during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges during this time have shifted perspective and opened eyes to innovative ways of doing business.

As an Employer of Record, Strategic Contracting Services (SCS) is familiar with this process. Our capable employment managers have turned the process of remote onboarding into a well-oiled machine. Tailored to each client company’s specifics, we help ensure that each new employee is ready to move forward on their first day of actual employment.

Since we highlighted the process of remote onboarding initially, we were prepared to adapt the approach to the unforeseen demands and needs in the past year. Remote onboarding is now common in most industries, and the federal government embraces the process. In fact, as pointed out in FCW Summit, “The Office of Personnel Management is advising federal agencies to administer oaths of office and onboard new employees using remote technologies.”

Remote Onboarding = Engagement + Administration

In today’s business environment, remote onboarding is a balance between engagement and the completion of traditional administrative and HR tasks. A new employee needs to be made aware of the company culture and ethos from the engagement angle.

Pre-onboarding boosts the speed of a new employee’s integration into a company while raising confidence about a new position. Beyond sending an employee handbook covering the administrative basics, it works well to send a welcome email that outlines the itinerary of a new employee’s opening days, weeks, and even months. When a company outlines what is to come, new employees can orient themselves ahead of the start date. They can understand expectations and prepare themselves for the next steps.

Establish HR Contact Point During Remote Onboarding

During the pre-boarding of new employees, human resources tend to play a significant role. In communication during the onset of remote onboarding, a point of contact in human resources often is provided. Such a point of contact handles the administrative necessities while also being a point of reference if a new employee has any initial questions.

Moreover, along with a business handbook, it makes sense today for small to mid-sized companies to develop intranet capabilities. Beyond a website and accessible only through company employees’ encrypted passwords, such a company portal is where many remote onboarding tasks occur.

Strategic Contracting Services can show a company how to include a pre-boarding functionality to their intranet, or you can work with our providers.

Remote Onboarding Means New Employees Ready to Work

By taking steps in advance of an employee’s start date, a small to mid-sized company can help ensure that new employees are ready to get to work from day one.

When it comes to the process of remote onboarding, Strategic Contracting Services can help. Please contact us today and let us reveal the details of this process to you.